US embassy in Iraq attacked by Iranian-backed protesters

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Iranian-backed protesters in Iraq tried to burn down the US embassy in Baghdad, Iraq on December 31 in reaction to five airstrikes by the United States in Iraq and Syria on December 29. The recent US airstrikes in Iraq and Syria were in response to the December 27 rocket attack on a US base in Kirkuk, Iraq which had killed a US civilian contractor.

Hundreds of pro-Iranian protesters stormed the US Embassy in Baghdad after funerals were held for 25 militia fighters who were killed in the airstrikes orchestrated by the United States.

The protesters were gathered outside the largest US embassy in the world which is located in Baghdad. They threw rocks at the buildings, climbed the walls and even set up tents as night fell, preparing for another day of protests until Iraqi security forces cleared the area. The protesters set fire to the reception area and damaged the security cameras with water bottles.

Iraqi security forces initially did not put a stop to the protest, heightening concerns about the US-Iraq diplomatic relationship. “The fact that they made it this far, to this location, means that the Iraqi forces did not make an attempt to stop the protest,” says CNN senior international correspondent, Arwa Damon.

Trump’s response

US sends troops

About 750 US paratroopers have been deployed to the Middle East following the attack on the embassy. The Pentagon is preparing up to 4,000 paratroopers to be deployed to Kuwait before being sent to Iraq over the next few days.

Originally published at on January 1, 2020.

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