Hey there, Chris!

Thank you for your kind words. I am glad that you found the articles on the Ukraine scandal helpful. It is indeed a massive mess of information to sift through. I had to update the timeline four times just while researching and writing the other sections of that one article!

You raise a great question about Ambassador Yovanovitch. As I suspect you are aware, she was an Obama appointee (2016, toward the end of his presidency). It is fairly routine for a US President to gradually replace ambassadors and other diplomats with the president’s own appointees over time. You might also know that Yovanovitch was recalled rather close to the scheduled end of her tenure, which had been agreed upon prior to this whole saga taking shape. Given that her departure from the position was imminent, the fact that the recall occurred was certainly attention-getting.

Nevertheless, in broad terms, the replacement of Yovanovitch fell roughly within the bounds of normal presidential activities. Therefore, with the facts available at the time we wrote the articles, it would have amounted to making a conspiratorial leap to include that event in our timeline. That’s why I made the decision to omit it.

Of course now, with the resignation of Special Representative Volker and the likelihood that both he and Yovanovitch will testify before congressional committees, there is more of a pattern to investigate. We might run a brief follow-up article in the future detailing the revolving door at the State Department and how it fits into the larger Ukraine picture.

Once again, many thanks for reading, for your support, and for an excellent question!

–Bennett Siems, on behalf of The Millennial Source

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